Value of Music: Sober and in Recovery – Performing at the Best of Your Ability

Here, at The BRIT Trust & BPI, we want to highlight the importance of the Value of Music, not just to the Economy and through its positive social impact, but also to our personal well-being. It’s only through looking at all the amazing benefits of music that we can really see the full value of music to us and those around us.


Here is a guest blog from the Eric Clapton founded addiction treatment centre – Crossroads Centre Antigua.


Across the globe, entertainers are at a particularly high risk for substance abuse due to the nature of the profession. It is acutely high stress and is often defined by long hours, unremitting appearances, and physically challenging days. The entertainment industry ranks as the fourth highest for heavy alcohol use and illicit drug use, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.


Acclaimed guitarist, singer-songwriter Eric Clapton was one such entertainer on this path of destruction during his music career, documented in the recent film “Life in 12 Bars”.  After years of heroin, cocaine and alcohol abuse, he found sobriety at age 43.  In 1998, he founded Crossroads Centre Antigua, an addiction treatment center and ever since has focused on helping people worldwide who are suffering from addiction.  “My vision was to create a centre of the highest caliber, to treat people of the Caribbean and throughout the world,” said Eric.


We at Crossroads Centre Antigua believe that the majority of individuals suffering from addiction have the capacity for recovery if given the proper foundation. Our successful model of treatment addresses the client holistically and treats the person’s physical, emotional and spiritual health. This model utilizes evidence-based medical and clinical methodologies and is based in 12 step recovery. The program allows the client to experience confidential inpatient treatment and continued aftercare support.  Additionally, Crossroads Centre Antigua collaborates with organizations such as the BRIT Awards, Music Support, and MusiCares (United States) to support the health and wellness needs of the music industry. Crossroads Centre Antigua’s mission is to provide quality care and treatment that is both affordable and accessible.


For more information about Crossroads Centre Antigua please call 0-800-783-9631, email Brian Ballantyne, (UK), Robbin Mooney (USA) or visit