BRITs Apprentice: Lydia Blackburn – Digital Marketing & Social Media Apprentice @ Kudos Records Ltd

This year we launched the BRITs Apprentice Scheme, giving ten talented young people the chance to kick-start their careers in the music industry thanks to this scheme created by the BPI and funded by money raised by the BRIT Awards. We caught up with one of our Apprentices, Lydia, about her time with Kudos Records.


After taking some time out after leaving music college, I felt a real urge to do something new with my life!


Feeling confused and a little in denial, I took to the wonderful world of the internet to look for a new opportunity to cease!


Stumbling upon the DiVA Apprenticeships website, I found a series of jobs in the music industry working for some of the UK’s best independent labels/distributors, etc.


After scanning through them all realising that I should probably apply for one…or two, the one that really caught my eye was Kudos.


After applying, I felt hopeful with my experience as a musician and having the music industry play a big role in my life since I moved to London 6 years ago. I became extremely eager to get this job (this was nice considering I was so lost and confused about what the hell I was doing with my life just days if not hours before)!


Seven months after applying I am now the Digital Marketing & Social Media Apprentice here at Kudos records!


I came in with a basic knowledge of Digital Marketing just of the basis of my personal music ‘persona’ if you like… but I pretty much came in here blind eyed and ready to learn!


I now run all social media platforms for Kudos (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) and have overseen two successful campaigns so far, reaching 27,413 peoples Facebook/Instagram pages on my last campaign!


The BPI and DiVA have allowed myself and 9 other students the opportunity to make an impact on the music industry as the next generation and for that I am thankful.


Still learning, I am excited to see where I end up after the completion of my time here at Kudos.