BRITs Apprentice: Alka Droch – Events & Engagement Assistant @Punch Records

This year we launched the BRITs Apprentice Scheme, giving ten talented young people the chance to kick-start their careers in the music industry thanks to this scheme created by the BPI and funded by money raised by the BRIT Awards. We caught up with one of our Apprentices, Alka, about her time with Punch Records in Birmingham.


In the ideal world, everyone hopes to start the New Year fresh, re-energized and with a new job! Cliché as that all sounds, it happened to me! To find out I was one of the ten BRITs Apprentices and that I would be joining one of the very few established creative companies in Birmingham, was very overwhelming. Finally my creative ventures could be my day job!


My role at Punch is ‘Events and Engagement Assistant’; going into a new work place is scary but the Punch team have been amazing, I can comfortably share and express my ideas and individuality. Being given a platform to be creatively heard is the dream so being in an environment with like-minded people just fuels more creativity.


I’ve jumped straight into Punch’s current, major project, (‘Music Potential; a free training course in partnership with Capital XTRA’). It’s super exciting and being able to converse with industry professionals is constructive for my growth in the music industry. Aside from the social side of the music industry, I’m glad I’m being able to assist in changing people’s lives through music. It’s been rewarding to see how music helps build confidence and makes people feel a part of a community where they can express themselves and that is the magic of music, it breaks through social barriers and personal differences and unites people from different walks of life.


My long-term career goals at the moment are being stretched between marketing, partnerships and artist management. I’m hoping this year molds me and paves the way to the career path that’s right for me. BPI and DiVA have given me the opportunity to gain industry knowledge from the greatest, so I am absorbing as much information as I possibly can to learn, learn and learn!


My advice to future BRIT Apprentice applicants is: be as active as you can to begin building a profile for yourself; be honest in your interview and, by that, I mean show your passion and how much potential you have to grow.


Definitely one of the highlights and bonuses of being a part of the BRITs Apprentice Scheme is all the BRIT and BPI events we get invited too! Seeing the biggest names in the industry and the execution of the events is inspiring and keeps me motivated towards my goal of being in the music industry.


It’s already been an immense two months, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year unfolds. Knowing I am being supported and guided by powerhouses in the music industry, BPI and DiVA, makes me grateful and determined to make the most out of the coming year.