PRG Boys

BRIT School students undertake placement with PRG for the BRIT Awards

The BRIT Awards and BRIT Trust aren’t just about the people on the stage – it is about the magic that happens off stage too and Production Arts students have been taking advantage of an exciting placement with PRG for 9 years now.

Production Arts students Luca Serra and Morgan Evans both 18 were selected to work backstage at the 02 with PRG XL Video and worked in Birmingham and at the O2 for three weeks prior to the show.

The placement isn’t just turning up on the night or watching – it is hard work for 10 days as a true member of the lighting crew. The students get a unique opportunity to build their professional network and contacts.  They are able to follow these contacts up and gain further experience and opportunities, beyond BRIT. Several BRIT Alumni who have done this placement in the past have ended up being full time employees of PRG’s event services department as a result of this opportunity.

“I had the most incredible experience and am now inspired to work in lighting- it has been the best placement to put my training into action, working on such a prestigious show” – Morgan Evans.