New BRITs Apprentice Scheme launches

Talented youngsters who successfully applied for year-long BRITs Apprenticeships at British music companies have started in their new roles today. The BRITs Apprentice Scheme is providing ten people from England and Wales with a paid opportunity to work at a top independent record label or music company where...

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Accenture Prize for Live Performance at the BRIT School

The MITs Committee and Accenture judged seven live performances by students and were impressed by the huge amount of talent of Year 13 Music strand. Catrina Burns-Temison won first place with her soulful naturally delivered vocal rendition of Confetti by Tori Kelly. Relf Kent was runner...

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Value Of Music: Key4Life

Here, at The BRIT Trust & BPI, we want to highlight the importance of the Value of Music, not just to the Economy and through its positive social impact, but also to our personal well-being. It's only through looking at all the amazing benefits of...

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