Addictions & mental health charity MUSIC SUPPORT announces the launch of “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” campaign

MUSIC SUPPORT – the specialist addictions and mental health charity for people within the UK Music Industry, founded and run by people within the UK Music Industry – launches its YOU ARE NOT ALONE campaign on 10th October 2017.

The aim of the campaign, which will be led by social media and industry internal communications and word of mouth, is to spread a very simple but powerful message to everybody in the music industry – that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Its launch will coincide with the WorId Health Organisation’s World Mental Health Day.

The 24/7 MUSIC SUPPORT helpline is open to anybody in the industry who might be struggling with addictions or mental health issues and needs support. No one in the music industry should feel or suffer alone.

MUSIC SUPPORT are inviting donations from people within the UK music industry and other supporters to help maintain their 24/7 dedicated telephone helpline, and other services on offer to the industry.

“Music Support is a brilliant gateway to the community of men and women who recognise the despair and shame of addiction and how to recover from it.”David Enthoven

Since being founded in April 2016 by four individuals from within the UK music industry in recovery from addiction and mental health issues, MUSIC SUPPORT has helped numerous individuals via its volunteers, and network of vetted and approved providers within the professional addictions and mental health treatment industry.  As MUSIC SUPPORT are able to match individual needs with specific practitioners, clients are receiving the most appropriate treatment.

“I can’t recommend Music Support enough… They handled our enquiry quickly, discreetly and professionally.” – Anon., XL Recordings

MUSIC SUPPORT has also provided crisis management for several serious situations – from helping vulnerable individuals at risk into emergency treatment, to providing group and 1 on 1 therapy after major incidents. MUSIC SUPPORT’S experienced staff, volunteers and on-call professional practitioners have acted at a moment’s notice.

With funding from the BRIT Trust, mental wellbeing app Thrive, and the support of Festival Republic, MUSIC SUPPORT staffed Safe Tents at 11 major UK festivals across the country.

Any artist or staff performing or working backstage at the festival were able to come in for some peace and quiet, to chat with a MUSIC SUPPORT volunteer and receive onward referral and clinical assessment if necessary. MUSIC SUPPORT aim to cover 20+ festivals next summer.

‘Sometimes things are almost too obvious to notice and the need for Music Support in the music industry and Music Support Safe Tents at many of the high pressured backs stage environments at festivals are examples of those unnoticed needs.” Melvin Benn, Festival Republic Managing Director

Music Support have been contacted by over 130 people since launch, and they have all received appropriate help and support.

Over the summer MUSIC SUPPORT were also able to announce their first patron as the one and only Robbie Williams.

As well as the “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” campaign, MUSIC SUPPORT are delighted to announce that their 2nd annual “Where Is The Line” event has now been scheduled for Jan 30th, 2018. This event marks a major step forward internationally, as MusiCares Senior Director Harold Owen’s will be flying in especially to chair the event and host a panel from across the UK music industry. This is a definite date for the diary and more will be announced soon.

‘This is an essential resource for the music industry where mental illness is often kept behind closed doors with sometimes devastating effects.” Anon. Artist Manager

So please help us spread the message that ‘you are not alone’ across the music industry and donate to Music Support on Wed 10th October.